Amoroso | recognised and used by opinion leaders

My client base is varied and has included, in alphabetical order: Barry Callebaut | Carrefour | The Conference Group | Danone | Dufry | Emmi | Ernst & Young | Evolva | Foodward | Golden Peaks Capital | Hershey Foods | Lindt & Sprüngli | Marketing & Business School Zurich | Mars | Migros | Nestlé | Orange | Tuttoespresso | Vinci Capital | WPP.

I prefer to let others speak for my character and competence. The following have been kind enough to provide me with testimonials. To read them, please click on the names below.

  • Jan Bennink
    NED, Coca-Cola European Partners, former Chairman & CEO, Douwe Egberts and former President & CEO, Numico
    “I first got to know James during my Numico days. We invited him to our investor events for his role as European food sector analyst. Even though he did not officially analyse Numico, his questions were relevant and insightful, and his food industry knowledge was evident. He also had an insight into the human element often missed by others. I especially enjoyed James’ fresh - and often humorous - perspectives on the food industry outside of the formal sessions.”
  • Peter Brabeck
    Chairman Emeritus and former Chairman & CEO, Nestlé
    “James has a deep and solid understanding of the food industry and its key players and, as such, he is one of the most knowledgeable people of our industry. This allows him to detect trends and patterns that others might miss. The many years that James has spent analysing Nestlé – its categories, its strategies, its culture – has allowed him to gain a realistic perspective on our Company.”
  • John Dawson
    Founding Partner, Statera Partners, former Chairman, Investor Relations Society, and former Head of IR, Rolls-Royce, National Grid and Cadbury
    “James has always impressed me with his instinctive grasp of investor relations. Not everyone understands the complexity of a modern business – its products, services, management and processes – but James does. He has brought that to many situations. It also helped him found CAGE – for many years one of the best forums for consumer goods investors to meet companies and their senior management. His insights would add value to any investor relations team.”
  • Sally Jones
    Head of Strategy & Investments and former Head of IR, British Land, and former Director of IR and Corporate Communications, Cadbury
    “I know James primarily as a food sector analyst from my time at Cadbury. Even though James never officially covered Cadbury, he knew the company extremely well and we were pleased to invite him to our investor events. His supply of questions was endless, interesting and always pertinent. In this way, he thoroughly tested both our senior management and our investor relations capabilities. I personally found James to be a very direct, honest, amusing and likeable character.”
  • Lars Olofsson
    Former CEO, Carrefour, and former Executive Board Member, Nestlé
    “I always found James Amoroso to be an intriguing and insightful person. As an equity analyst, his views and opinions on the global food industry often challenged long-held, strategic assumptions. As an investor relations consultant to Carrefour, James added value to all our financial communication, including press releases, presentations, presentation scripts and Q&A. His advice was invaluable, and his points were always clearly and forcefully made.”
  • Tim Nicol
    Managing Director, The Make-Innovation-Happen Centre Limited
    “I worked alongside James at Masterfoods (Mars) when he ran the Foodservice Marketing function and I was Product Group Manager for Dolmio. James was, and is, passionate about high standards in food and life in general, and is a principled guy who won't compromise or succumb to political agendas. He manages to be fact and data driven but retains his natural creative flair and is inspirational and fun to be around. A 'Chef' in every sense.”
  • Paul Polman
    Chief Executive Officer, Unilever
    “James has a deep knowledge and understanding of the global food industry. His extensive experience has provided him with the ability to see long-term strategic trends and opportunities whilst at the same time having a critical view and understanding of today's realities. James is one of those rare individuals who understands the integrities of what makes businesses work from both an external and internal perspective. His deep industry knowledge, critical but constructive analysis and his pleasant, inquisitive style forces management continually to raise the bar. James’ honest, open and effective way of working has made him a trusted partner.”
  • Franck Riboud
    Former Chairman & CEO, Danone
    “James has analysed Danone since the time when my father ran the company. Few outsiders know our company better. I always appreciated his well-considered, financial and food industry questions; they often provided me with an opportunity at investor meetings to make an important point. His analyses were always insightful and interesting, his opinions always honest and realistic. These qualities made James Amoroso a food industry reference for the financial community and a pleasure to work with.”
  • Sir Martin Sorrell
    Founder, WPP
    “James invited us to speak at the inaugural CAGE Conference in 2010. The programme read like the ‘Who’s Who’ of the global packaged goods industry, so we accepted immediately and went on to become regular speakers at his annual event. James’ informal feedback also helped us improve our presentations. He was clearly at ease straddling the corporate and investment worlds. As a result, our Deputy CFO engaged him in improving our own financial communications. James reengineered our approach on investor relations releases to focus attention on key data and messages and to present our detailed results and guidance in a clear and user-friendly manner. At the same time, he adapted and added our corporate identity to his template. The results were extremely effective and professional.”
  • H. Todd Stitzer
    Advisory Board Member, Hamlin Capital Management, and former CEO and Board Member, Cadbury
    “James manages to see the big picture just by looking at the scattered parts of the jigsaw. His ability as an outsider to foresee food industry events and trends is impressive. His knowledge of the global chocolate industry is extensive. James’ questions to senior management are perceptive, targeted and always challenging. His messaging is fact-based, his personal style friendly with a good sense of humour.”
  • Pierre-André Térisse
    Entrepreneur and former CFO, Danone
    “James helped put Danone’s financial communication back on the right track, at a time when it was challenged. Thanks to James, two new Heads of Investor Relations were able get into the job quickly and efficiently, gaining valuable insights into the investment community as well as important tools and tricks of the trade. James gave us relevant and simple advice which helped transform the investor relations function into an asset for Danone. James always remained calm and cheerful, which was a big help in managing the pressure that comes with this job.”
  • Wolfgang Werlé
    Former Deputy Chairman, Aryzta, and former Chairman and CEO of Hiestand
    “James knew Hiestand well, having actively participated in the company’s IPO in 1998. He instinctively separates fads from trends. In early 2004, James accurately predicted the precise timing of the peak and decline of the low-carb phenomenon and explained, in simple terms, the consumer behaviour behind this development - at a time when the global food industry was schizophrenic.”
  • Martyn Wilks
    NED, former CEO Hovis, former Executive Managing Director, Dairy Crest, and former President US Snackfood, Mars
    “I first worked with James on cross-divisional projects at Mars. He was a strong marketer with an ability both to deal with the big picture and to get down into the detail. As an equity analyst, he developed a huge reputation for his ability to spot the trends and issues in the food and consumer goods industries before others did. He is the go-to person for publications like the Financial Times when they want to understand what's going on. Their slogan should read: No James, No Comment.”